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Information Technology Ethics Issues

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Information Technology Ethics Issues

In the past thirty years technology has changed our lives significantly. It changed the way we communicate, the way we work, the way we interact with each other, to how we fight wars. With that being said, it has raised controversy and initiated intense debates that are often differentiated or entangled in scientific uncertainties or dishonest demagoguery.
Law and ethics are struggling to keep pace with technology. For example, employers are forbidden and can face legal action if the ask interviewers about their, religion, political affiliation, or sexual preference. Nevertheless, they are able to turn to the internet like google or Facebook to determine if a candidate meets the job criteria by their beliefs, looks, or habits. It is against the law for lenders to discriminate a person based off their race, gender, and sexuality. However, they can deny a person a loan based on their Facebook friends that have a history of poor credit history or if their Facebook bios don’t match other websites like LinkedIn for example. Since laws have not kept up with modern day technology it causes regulatory gaps. As technology rapidly progresses the gaps seem to be getting bigger and bigger with time. Employment is not the only place where these regulatory gaps are happening. They are happening wherever technology exist. Technology has evolved so much in the last thirty years it’s nearly impossible to keep up causing our laws and ethical practices to have a downfall. Technology is on an exponential rise and making an impact on any and every one, everywhere. Great changes that once took years and years to change are now happening faster than ever. Not long ago the individuals that had cell phones where the ultra-rich. Now, nearly every adult has a cell phone and it’s very rare to come across a person that doesn’t have one. Just like cell phones drones where million dollar war machines. Nowadays, anyone can build a drone. Facebook was once only available to college students and was like a dorm-room dating site. In today’s day and age teens to poor villagers in India can access facebook on their cell phones. It’s amazing how far technology has come but yet so frightening that law and ethics are struggling to keep up.

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5 Ethical Challenges of Information Technology
Privacy Issues
Copyright Infringement
Increase Pressure on the IT Experts
Digital Divide

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