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Information Technology for Managers

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Module VI E-Business and E-Commerce E-Business Model
– – – – – – – The Storefront Model The Auction Model The Portal Model The Name-Your-Price Model The Comparison Pricing Model The Demand Sensitive Pricing model The B2B Exchange Model

The storefront Model • Storefront model enables merchants to sell products on the Web – Transaction processing, security, online payment, information storage • E-commerce allows companies to conduct business 24-by-7, all day everyday, worldwide • An e-commerce storefront should include: – Online catalog of products – Order processing – Secure payment – Timely order fulfillment The Auction Model • Online auction sites – Act as forums through which Internet users can log-on and assume the role of either bidder or seller – Collect a commission on every successful auction – Sellers post items they wish to sell and wait for buyers to bid • Reserve price – The minimum price a seller will accept in a given auction • Reverse auctions – Allow the buyer to set a price as sellers compete to match or even beat it The Portal Model • Portal sites – Give visitors the chance to find almost everything they are looking for in one place • Horizontal portals – Portals that aggregate information on a broad range of topics – Yahoo!, AltaVista, Google • Vertical portals – Portals that offer more specific information within a single area of interest – WebMD, IMDB • • Comparison pricing model – Web sites using shopping technology to find the lowest price for a given item Demand-sensitive pricing model
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– Group buying reduces price as volume of sales increase Name-your-price model – Name-your-price for products and services

Bartering Model – Individuals and business trade unneeded items for items they desire –, • Rebate Model – Sites offer rebates on product at leading online retailers in return for commission...

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