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Information Technology Strategic Plan

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Information Technology Strategic Plan
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Information Systems For Decision-Making CIS500
March 10, 2015

This article is focused on the format of a Business Plan strategy. It provides an overview of the company, financial, and other aspects of the business plan. The main components of business plan are: executive summary, company, products and services, market, strategy and implementation, financial plan, and financial plan. This article will show the plan for a successful corporate finance strategy, corporate finance and strategy functions that will work together and illustrate how to create shareholder value.

Keywords: Writing Business Plans, SWOT analysis, Strategy plans, financial plans, sample business plans
Many companies are using mobile (tablets, smartphones, and blackberries) technologies to enhance their customer service experience and internal job satisfaction for their employees. Companies like Delta Airlines, PayPal, a medical company, and a software security company, has shown that using mobile/wireless technologies are reaping its benefits. They’ve also have shown that they are in touch with social media platform and engaged customers to increase their understanding of what is needed to provide better products and services.
“Indeed, many good business ideas have flopped before getting off the ground because they were not thought through fully” (Tusin, J, 2006, p. 226). A business plan enables an entrepreneur or new business starter an opportunity to fully think through their ideas through. The opening of a business plan should grab, entice and hold its readers (stakeholders, executives, bankers, decision-makers, investors, etc…) to decide if this project/business is profitable. Having an idea is good but being able to leverage something new or even take what already exist and do...

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