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Annual Report 2014-15

Infosys Annual Report 2014-15

Narayana Murthy

A tribute to our founders Nandan M. Nilekani

S. Gopalakrishnan

K. Dinesh

The year 2014 was a milestone in our Company's history, when we bid farewell to three of our founders who held executive positions in the
Company during the year – Narayana Murthy,
S. Gopalakrishnan and S. D. Shibulal.
Narayana Murthy stepped down as the Chairman of the Board on October 10, 2014. His vision, leadership and guidance have been an inspiration to Infosys, the Indian IT industry and an entire generation of technology entrepreneurs.
He propelled the Company into accomplishing many firsts and in setting industry benchmarks on several fronts. He espoused the highest level of corporate governance standards that have defined
Infosys over the years and made us a globally respected corporation. Between June 2013 and
October 2014, he guided the Company through a period of stabilization and leadership transition.
S. Gopalakrishnan stepped down as Vice Chairman of the Board on October 10, 2014. Kris, as he is popularly known, served the Company in several capacities over the last 33 years. As the
Chief Executive Officer between 2007 and 2011, he steered the Company at a time when the world was faced with economic crises. Ranked as a global thought leader, Kris has led the technological evolution of the Company.
S. D. Shibulal stepped down as the Company's
Chief Executive Officer on July 31, 2014.
Shibu, as he is fondly called, was instrumental

N. S. Raghavan

S. D. Shibulal

Ashok Arora

in the evolution of our Global Delivery Model, and pioneered initiatives to expand our business portfolio with consulting services and intellectual property creation. Earlier, as our Chief Operating
Officer, he strengthened the Company's business model to cater to a broadening...

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