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Infromation Systems and Software Applications

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INFROMATION SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS Larger numbers of software applications are used to perform the various department tasks. Determining why a company needs information system and software application for the various departments. A company must have knowledge of the information systems and software applications, to allow the department to use the product; the various software applications are different. To perform daily task and jobs within a company requires at less one information system several software application systems. The information system is made up of data items, information, and knowledge within a business. According to Smith “information system refers to technology designed to handle the data that institutions receive, process, generate, save, backup, disseminate, and use to make decisions” (2007). Software applications are programs store in the information system. According to Rainer, “software is a program or collection of programs that enable the hardware to process data” (2008). The information system is the fast way to obtain needed data for the various departments within a business. “Regardless of the overall trends in software (increases complexity, increased cost, and increasing numbers of defects), software has become an everyday feature of our business and personal lives” (Pearlson, 2005, p 350). Businesses are creating of various departments that work with different software application. The various departments are requiring the different types of software application are financial, human recourses, and marketing department. Financial department requires software that allows employees to keep current and past information of the company financial business. According to Bartholome, “The financial management information system provides financial information to all financial managers within...

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