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Have you wondered what it would be like to acquire a degree without even having to step foot instead of a college or university? Well now you have that opportunity with online education. There are many colleges throughout the United States that offer not only your traditional MBA degree but also online MBA degrees. The first MBA degree offered online began in 2002. (Cao, Yingxia, 2011) I have had the opportunity to experience how classes are delivered online and face to face in a classroom. They both have their pros and cons. From my experiences and the lifestyle that I live I have found the online environment better route. But for others that may not be the way you want to obtain your education. You might have a family and are working full time and your job is requiring to obtain further education. Maybe you are a high school graduate wanting to continue your education. As online education has become increasingly popular there are a lot of unanswered questions concerning the quality of education given.
MBA has become one of the most popular postgraduate degrees worldwide today. (Cao, Yingxia, 2011) You may have a lot of questions considering what route to take your education. Whether it be the traditional way where you will be in a classroom or online you may wonder what type of people you will encounter. There was a study done in a community college that found the group of students to mainly be female, white and twenty five to fifty five years of age. Most of them have found to be working full time jobs while attending college. They also have a higher education and make more money than others. (Halsne, A., and L. Gatta, 2002) You might also wonder what the quality of education received is in an online environment versus your traditional face to face. There has been a great amount of research that shows that there isn’t a lot of change between the online learner...

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