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Ink Tattoos

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1. Give an outline of the different views on ink tattoos presented in the texts.

“When, for example, does tattooing become self-mutilation?”
This quote is taken from text 1 by Andy Carrington who’s a poet and writer. In 2012 he published this text “Is Tattooing a Form of Self-Mutilation?” through his personal website.
The question is: Does tattooing mean self-mutilation at all? It depends how you turn the perspective. Andy Carrington has a majority of tattoos, since he wrote “I will confess I chose to have a majority of my tattoos done to alleviate my boredom”. His opinion is that people are more self-destructive if they have tattoos. This text focuses on how your identity changes on the number of tattoos you have printed on their body.

“Job-seekers all over the world are finding that their tats may be costing them a job opportunity.”
This quote is taken from text 2 by Brendan O’Neill who is an editor of the online magazine Spiked Online. In 2014 he published this text “Tattoos were once a sign of rebellion – now they are evidence of craven conformity to cultural norms” as a blog post from the website of the British newspaper The Telegraph.
It’s a normal mentality that people have prejudice for tattooed humans. Normally the job-seekers gets a rejection because of their visible tattoos. But why? Just because you were under the needle for a few hours it doesn’t mean that your personality is changed? Following to the Japanese mayor of the city Osaka, he says: “If they want to have tattoos, they should quit working for the city and go to the private sector.” Directly the mayor is one of the people who see tattoos as a disgust. This text focuses on how a person’s opportunities decreases when you have tattoos and how the society overreacts to tattoos.

“I don’t want you to regret this when you’re older”
This quote is taken from text 3 by Alexis Sachdev who’s...

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