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While tattoo art might be a new fad in Kenya with celebrities, it is along established tradition in the west, dating back to the birth of rock and roll. Tattoos gained notoriety as an entertainment accessory in the early fifties. Soon it spread across mainstream entertainment and now, every celebrity has the brains to try out one as soon as fame comes calling.
Tattooing is an act that has been around close to 5000 years with the origin believed to have been in ancient Greek. Spies used it to communicate. Although I personally would stick to the theory that they originated from ancient Romans who used it to idolize their gods. Mind u, that’s my perspective which you are free to oppose. While others are effeminate enough to remain tame, others go the gothic and unchartered path to reign in on a cultic following and controversy. The eye of Baphomet is one such tattoo causing controversy- a one eye and gloved hands covering it. its is spotted on among others Rihanna, jay z, David Bekham and is believed to be associated with cultic forces. By now everyone is aware of the illuminati. Rock star Marilyn Manson, known for his MTV hit-antichrist superstar in the 80s created a storm when he unveiled a tattoo of the red devil complete with crowned horns and framed inside a flame decorated horseshoe with a triple-six of tumbling dice below in. with this he famously quipped ‘it’s the devil and 666’. Parents went in fits as the youth went wild. Its was once reported that a teen in Canada nearly committed suicide when his parents took him to have a similar tattoo removed. Talk of weird influence from celebs. No left from the limelight is the Jamaican ragga heartthrob Vybez Kartel released the song Coloring Books when controversy over his tattoos reached a deafening height. He had the guts of having the word DEVIL inked on his hand and as if that was so not shocking enough he had his whole body bleached to make his satanic tattoos more visible. With this I would call on government to make tattoos illegal. The most ironic scenario is that Vybez who is behind bars for murder charges has been invited regularly to lecture about tattoo taught in the University of Kingston. And we are so left to wonder if the course objective is how to use our bodies as canvas. Anyway I wouldn’t mind an exchange program to the named university to say the least. It would be totally unfair not to mention rapper Lil Wayne when tattoos are mentioned. The rap prodigy can no longer come into direct sunlight after having 80 per cent of his body tattooed. Funny how passion and a form can consequently can turn to be cancerous. This is not to say I would have one, a spider, flower or a joker card. I would, but wait, the pain? That would be maybe the only reason apart from the religion aspect. Anyway as Paul the Apostle puts it, “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.” And I rest my case.

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