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Inner Beauty vs Outer Beauty

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Inner Beauty vs Outer Beauty There are many definitions of beauty. Ask people what they are and this will be the most common answer “Beauty is something that defines people”. There are two types of beauty, inner beauty and outer beauty. Both of these are very important for you to be you. Outer beauty is when you’re pretty outside, which means you are good looking. It is something that attracts people first, though outer beauty is different for everyone. Everyone has a different standard of outer beauty. Outer beauty changes overtime, maybe you look beautiful when your 20 but you won’t be the same when your 65. Inner beauty can be a person’s traits, personality, or habits. Inner beauty is when someone is kind, selfless, and helpful. People who’ve known someone for a while can truly know about their inner beauty. Unlike outer beauty inner beauty is not changeable, so even though you are in your 20’s or in your 60’s you will still be the same. Outer beauty is important, looks do matter, but that doesn’t mean being born beautiful, it means making yourself look presentable even though you don’t match the “beauty standards”, doesn’t matter if your skin tone is a problem or your figure. The one that counts most is the inner beauty without a person would be no where because outer beauty is just looks and nothing else while inner beauty is personality, intelligence and many more things. Focusing on your inner beauty is better than focusing on your outer beauty; it is the smartness and personality that help you succeed not your good looks. In conclusion, I would just like to state my opinion and say that inner beauty is far more important than outer beauty. If you have the traits of a loveable and kind person no looks can matchup to it. As Mandy Hale says
“Outer beauty pleases the EYE. Inner beauty...

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