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Inner Beauty

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How might a person develop inner beauty? I think this is a great question. We are all familair with the expression that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This expression could not be more true. We live in a society today where people belive physical looks are considered most important. This could not be more untrue. Beauty is not defined by physical appearance, intelligence or status. Inner beauty is more relevant than physical beauty. It is about love compassion and kindness. Inner beauty has a great importance of building your self esteem. Finding your inner beauty should be continuously worked on. It is a life developing process. Finding your inner beauty is about knowing yourself and your own self worth. It is about achieving and recognizing your own good charater qualities. This includes your positive attributes and strengths. Inner beauty is simply about being yourself. Being true to who your are and what you believe. It is showing compassion, kindness and in some instances forgiveness. It is about loving the skin you are in. Not the physical outward appearance. A great way to obtain inner beauty is stayin away from negative people and comments. You should not allow anyway to bring you down. It is about staying positive and living an honest life. By surrounding yourselg with positive people with admirable qualities it will bring out your own unique qualities. Finding your own inner beauty is a process that should be worked on a daily basis. That is the key to happiness and well...

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