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Innocent Mareketing Plan

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Marketing plan for Innocent Drink Organization

1. Abstract

The 30% downturn that the UK experienced has affected the smoothies market in the region leading to a decline of the market share. It is therefore crucial for Innocent drinks to presents a good evaluative report of the smoothies market of the U.K which recommended a better way of planning for the market. The marketing strategy will also help in seeing how that company can expand its market to other regions of the world. The targeted region is Australia. Which is my proposal for the company to witness a growth of its market share and sales?

The paper will present a strategic marketing plan for Innocent Drink Organization. This entails how the organization can use its resources to adapt to the changes taking place in the marketing environment. Innocent Drink Company just like any other organization has to develop strategies which will enable it gain competitive advantages over its rivals. The marketing strategies have to be implemented and cultivated to enable the consumers to be attracted and to consider the innocent products as their best choice.
To attain the strategic marketing of the Innocent company, this paper will provide a detailed plan concerning the operations and practices of the company, the already existing strategies of marketing such as on sales strategy, pricing, distribution, promotional, product branding and creation strategies. The strategies management and marketing will further reflect on the organizational structure.
Strategic marketing is process by which an organization examines how it can utilize its available resources to adapt to the changes it is facing within the marketing environment it is operating under. An organization has to continuously implement and cultivate various marketing strategies to make it gain and maintain competitive advantage over...

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