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Innovation Strategy of Retailer

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Innovation Strategy of Retailer:
From the View of Global Value Chains
Yongquan Hu, Huifang Jiang

Abstract-Retailing running to high-value-added-end is a more visible trend, which attracts lots of attention from researchers or practitioners. This paper tries to explain this with the theory of
Global Value Chains(GVCs). After literature review on GVCs and innovation strategy, this paper analyzes the global value chains of 7-11, IKEA, Wal-Mart and PPR separately. Then some com parisons is done to analyze the respective characteristics of the global value chain model of the four from ten angles, so as to build retailer's innovation strategy on GVCs. As a result, some advices are given to Chinese retailers for their developing.

their competitiveness on value chains and develop so quickly?
Since coming down to the status of retailing on global value system, the researches for such questions, as above, tum out to be meaningful both in theory and practice. So, applying the dynamic theory of global value chains, this paper analyzes four global value chains driven by four multinational retailers, in order to explain the phenomena of retailing running to high-value-added-end, and provide retailers with a global perspective, Multi-Dimensional model for innovating and competing. Index Terms-retailer, global value chains, business strategy, innovation, innovation strategy


As a presentation of the terminal industry, there's a more

visible trend of retailing running to high-value-added-end from the late 90th of 20th century. In
2002, exceeding ExxonMobil, Wal-Mart became the first of
World top 500 companies, which showed that the capital in
Circulation Industry has been much more value-added, and retailers become much more powerful in global economic.
Taking advantage of capital and brand, some multinational...

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