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Innovations Report,

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Innovations Report,
Nadukuppam Panchayat,
Vilupuram District, Tamil Nadu,
Pitchandikulam Bio Resource Centre, Tamil Nadu In Partnership for Development with
AusAID and Quaker Service Australia

Extract from Chapter 2: WATER INNOVATIONS

All households in Devikulam use water from the village tank for drinking and cooking. Households in the village have their own taps linked to the village supply, however households in the colony are not directly linked to the village supply, they use a common tap to attain suitable drinking water. Access to the village tap for drinking water is only available for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening, thus water is collected in large vessels for daily use. Households in the colony also have common taps, linked to the water tank in the colony, however due to the quality of this water it is not suitable for drinking and is used only for washing and cleaning.

Water Supply Analysis
The development of a safe and reliable water supply system has vast economic, social and environmental benefits to the Devikulum community. Currently, the community water is supplied from three different bores, one of which has been identified as ‘saline’ by those living in the colony. Water from this bore is not used for human consumption but for other purposes such as washing, flushing and cleaning. The two other bores along with a 30 000 litre storage tank and a thorough distribution network supply is used for all purposes, including drinking. The two bores servicing the tank, are situated close the village pond which is also used...

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