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Input and Output Stream

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Tutorial 2: Exercise on Input and Output Stream 1. Write a C++ program to display the following output on the screen using multiple cout statements.

2. Write a C++ program to display the following output using only one cout statement.

3. Write the output of the following program.

#include <iostream> using namespace std;

int main ()
int number1 = 45; float number2 = 75.25; cout<<"The Value of number1 = "<<number1; cout<<" The Value of number2 = "<<number2;

4. Write the output of the following program.
#include <iostream> using namespace std;

int main ()
int number1 = 45; float number2 = 75.25; cout<<"The Value of number1 = "<<number1<<" The Value of number2 = "<<number2;

5. Write a C++ program to input two integer numbers from the keyboard. Extract the two integer numbers by using two separate cin statements and display the numbers on the screen.

6. Modify the above program to extract the two integer numbers by using only one cin statement and display the numbers of the screen.

7. Write a C++ program that accepts your first name and the second name and display the full name on the screen.

8. Write a C++ program that accepts the following line and text and display the line on the screen.
“This is my second tutorial class of CPT111”

9. Write a C++ program to accept 000015 from the keyboard and convert the string to an integer and display the integer on the screeInput

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