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Essay - Inside Out
Inside Out is a short film from 1999 made by Tom and Charles Guard, also known as The Guard Brothers. This short film shows how opposites attract, but it also shows how a big chaotic city can make love difficult.
In Inside Out the male character and the female character never really connect, they never really talk or touch each other. They never meet, because they are separated by the fashion shop's window. The window is like a barrier. Still they kind of have an instant "connection", like eye contact. When the man sees the woman he lights up, becomes energetic and he seeks her attention, he tries to act funny. The complete opposite of what he was before, a frustrated man, because no one would sign his papers, they just ignored him and walked on by. The woman is entertained by him, but she is also very shy and she tries to hide behind some mannequins. Though this could also be flirting, because she is alternately hiding, coming out, hiding again etc. This shows their differences. Two opposites meet and attract.
At the end of the short film it shows that the attraction is not strong enough. The city forces them to go their separate ways. A city which is very chaotic and not to mention, big.
The cinematic techniques amplify the chaos in the city, for example: There is a lot of short takes and close ups on peoples feet which shows that the citizens are always on the move. There is also hand-held camera and this certainly gives the idea of action and chaos, which often characterizes a big city. Busy people and many loud noises disorientates the viewer and gives a good impression of what the characters are experiencing.

In the beginning of the short film The Guard Brothers uses long shots to show how big the city actually is. The camera slowly zooms closer and closer to where the meeting between the man and the woman takes place. It gives the...

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