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Insight to an Unethical Situation

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Insight to an Unethical Situation
Week 6- Final Project

Introduction Toyota’s announcement of a technical fix for its sticky gas pedals, which can lead to sudden acceleration problems, is not likely to bring a quick end to the company’s current recall nightmare. During the course of this paper, I will explain in detail the Toyota recall in 2010 having to do with the gas petal sticking. I will also explain why I believe Toyota handled this situation from the deontological perspective and what other theories apply to the unethical situation.
Description Unethical Situation
In 2010, Toyota was forced to issue a series of highly-publicized recalls, due to reports of cars accelerating beyond the driver's control. The issue led to Congressional hearings, damaged the reputation of a company once known for its bulletproof reliability, and left millions of Toyota owners with questions about their own safety. Understandably, the news was worried for Toyota consumers. It also rocked the automotive industry, as questions about Toyota's reputation for reliability surfaced during this time.
It started with a single, horrifying car crash in southern California in August 2009. In the weeks following, two separate recalls covering 7.5 million vehicles, Toyota was forced to announce it was suspending the sale of eight of its best-selling vehicles, a move that cost the company and its dealers a minimum of $54 million a day in lost sales revenue. How did a company that became the world's largest and most profitable automaker on the back of a rock-solid reputation for quality and dependability find itself at the center of the biggest product recall since the Firestone tire fiasco in 2000? And what does this mean for Toyota's brand image in its largest and most profitable market? (MacKenzie, 2010).
August 28, 2009: Off-duty California Highway Patrol officer Mark...

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