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Laura E. Spektor

Name: Laura Elizabeth Spektor Birthdate: April 25
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Ultramarine

Personality: Studious and a fast learner whenever she studies or observes. Faithful and respectful to her elders and higher authorities especially to her parents, sharp-minded yet sassy, patient but can have a quick temper, panics very easily when she’s on the edge but she’s high spirited when a victor comes her way.

Skills: Master of the legendary blade Soul bane, the nightmare to all monsters. This blade can only be wielded by the bloodline of the Spektors. A black belt in hand-to-hand combat, for the skills and knowledge she obtains are from her great, great, great grandfather
Garfield Arthur Spektor. A real sharpshooter with her Caliber Bow which doesn’t include her having the eyes of a hawk. Excellent with various sorts of magic. From various spells to advance exorcists she can master any spell with the snap of a finger. This also include her knowledge with her arsenal of weapons and gadgets some would be her Latchwhips, Capture
Cards, Reading Glasses, Power Bands, Dash Boots, Cloak of Stone, the Boundless
Bag and her signature Freezerburn Scrunchee.

Magic Arsenal
Her weapons skill is not only in top shape, for the various gadgets and hidden spells she’ll obtain during her journey are very useful while others may not be.

Cloak of Stone
An ordinary piece of cloth at first, however when worn the wearer shall become invisible and undetectable to all beings.

Reading Glasses
Laura is very studious when she works. The reasoning is because of these specially design reading glasses. They don’t just make her cute, but have her able to read, study or analyze anything in the world at an incredible rate, faster than the any supercomputer in the world. Not only that they’re also able to store the information she observes.

Capture Cards
Despite having to slay monsters, some have to be sealed in order for them to stop wreaking havoc in the world. Capture cards are sacred relics that are known for their astounding power to hold the most dangerous and mightiest creatures. If any beast even glares at it, the card will be activated causing it to vacuum the monster into the card forever.

Freezerburn Belt
Ever since she was young, Laura wasn’t a big fan of extreme heat or cold. But with the Freezerburn belt she’ll be able to, swim in lava with no scalding burns or run across a vast frozen wasteland without getting frostbite.

Power Gloves
Given their name, the Power Gloves give Laura the amazing strength to lift even the heaviest monsters of all.

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