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Export Plan Template
Table of Contents Executive Summary
This should be a maximum of half a page

The key issues to address in this section are why the company should export and your overall objectives in entering overseas markets. These objectives could include spreading market risk, increasing production volumes, lowering unit costs and improving brand image or profits.

About the company

Domestic business overview
Outline a very brief history, and the key factors of success in the domestic market that have led to the success of the business. A healthy and successful domestic business provides a solid foundation for exporting.

Financial Resources
 Marketing budget Detail the total budget and how this will be spent. Don’t forget to include costs such as overseas market visits (at least 2 per year to each target market), advertising, promotional materials, listing fees, training for overseas partners etc.  Cash flow to fund orders Address how the business will manage cash flow for potential large orders. This relates to the time between when your business is required to outlay costs to supply the order and when you are paid by your customer.  Sustainability of export budget Is the business able to withstand additional expenditure to develop export markets in the medium term until export business generates profits? Define this period of time. Remember that export sales almost always take longer to develop than originally anticipated.

Include relevant experience of current staff and management, and detail whether more resources will be required such as export specialised marketing or sales staff, additional production staff.

Market Selection

Target Markets

Detail your target markets and the key characteristics that led you to choose them. This should be kept to a few key markets to begin with as...

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