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Instawhat? Defining the Technological and Personal Uses of Instagram

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Colegio de San Juan de LetranCollege of Liberal Arts and SciencesIntramuros, Manila 1002, PHILIPPINES | Date Completed: March 16, 2013Signature of the Proponent:_________________________________ | Capsule Research Proposal | | BalcosSioting | CziannicaVhieJennyvyl | PolintanMaglantay | | Last Name | First Name | Middle Name | Field of Specialization | Communication | Research Attributes | Research Approach | Mixed Method | | Research Method/Design | Descriptive | | Corpus of Data | FocusInterview/ Questionnaire Survey | | Research Domains | Social Network and Technology Use | | ResearchFoci/Parameters | Instagram, Technology Acceptance, Uses and Motives of Social Media Users | | | | Project Title: | Instawhat? Defining the Technological and Personal Uses of Instagram | Research Journals /Articles/BooksReviewed | Ancu, M.(2012). Older Adults on Facebook: A Survey Examination of Motivesand Use of Social Networking by People 50 and older. The FloridaCommunication JournalAyyad, K.(2011). Internet usage vs traditional media usage among universitystudents in the United Arab Emirates. Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research,4 (1), 41-61Ballard, C. L. (2011). “What’s Happening” @Twitter: A Uses andGratifications Approach.University of Kentucky Master ThesesBerkers, P. (2011). Gendered scrobbling: Listening behaviour of young adults in Interaction: Studies in Communication & Culture, 279-296Boyd, D.M. & Ellison, N.B. (2007). Social Network: Definition, History, and Scholarship. Journal of Computer-Mediated CommunicationCha, J., & Chan-Olmsted, S. M. (2012). Substituality between Online Video Platforms and Television. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly.261-278Chen, G. M., Chock, M., Gozigian, H., Rogers, R., Sen, A., Schweisberger, V. N., et al. (2011). Personalizing News...

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