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Instigram Analysis Of Instagram

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The Analysis of Instagram Usage by Small Investments in Tanzania in Promoting their businesses: A case study of Ayman's Investment


A research proposal intended for submission in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication of Tumaini University - Dar es Salaam College


1.0 Introduction

This chapter presents the background of the study, statement of the problem, research objectives, research questions, significance the study and limitation of the study.

1.1 Background of the study

Small businesses raise customer’s awareness and interest about their products or services through promoting them. The process of promotion …show more content…
In the first era, internet belonged to individual, this has however change as businesses have taken over and are using social media to create awareness of their products or services (Kaplain & Heinlein, 2010). Giant companies such as Amazon and E-bay have provided a new way of retailing products on internet (Dellarocas, 2006). In Tanzania, many small businesses are integrating social media as part of the promotion plan. Ayman's Investment is a one such business that engages social media via Instagram to promote its services and products which includes a hair and beauty and bridal clothes …show more content…
Launched in October 2010, Instagram had 800 million active subscribers in September, 2017. With 7 million internet users in Tanzania, small businesses are using Instagram as an online mobile photo, video-sharing and social networking service enabling them take pictures and videos, and share them other users who are potential and existing customers (Gross, 2010). Both small and large businesses are using Instagram is an ideal promotion tool (Keating, 2015).

1.1.2 Small Investments

Small Investments also referred as Small Businesses are also referred to as Small and Medium Enterprises or Micro, Medium Enterprises. In Tanzania, small investments are described as those with the ability to engage or employ up to 4 with a capital amounting up to Tshs.5.0 million (SME policy, 2002).
Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Commerce estimate that at least 95% of business in Tanzania are small businesses and contribute about 35% of the country’s Gross Development Product (GDP) making small business a crucial subject of discussion.

This study is determined to find out how and why small businesses are adopting social media as a promotion

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