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How to perform a PM Service on a Semi-Tractor
Steven H. Fudge
July, 14 2015
Elaine Boyle

How to perform a PM Service on a Semi-Tractor

Table of Contents Page 1. Purpose 3 2. Safety 3 3. Research & Time Intervals 4 4. Engine 5-7 5. Transmission 8-9 6. Drivetrain 10 7. Suspension 11-13 8. Body and Frame 14-15 9. Paper Work 16 10. Final Inspection 17 11. References 18

The purpose of a PM Service on a Semi-Truck is to add longevity to the life of the vehicle. It allows the mechanic to fully inspect every component of the vehicle and make any necessary repairs as needed. This allows a safe and well maintained vehicle to transport any number of goods for a very long time.

Shut engine off! Lock and Tag if necessary!
Chock wheels to prevent unintentional rolling of vehicle!
Coolant and Oil may be extremely hot and under pressure!
Low clearance under or around vehicle can cause injuries!
Sharp objects may be present!

Research & Time Intervals

It is important to research the vehicle you are performing a PM Service on.
Verify you have the proper filters, oil type, oil viscosity, and grease type so as to not cause damage to important components of the vehicle! Be sure that the service is performed within the scheduled time. A vehicle that does not get a PM Service at the recommended date can cause unnecessary failures of components, cause timely breakdowns, and costly repairs.

Tools Needed

Supplies Needed * Begin by lifting the hood of the vehicle. * Crawl under the engine using a creeper or a sheet of cardboard. * Put oil drain pan centered directly under oil drain plug on engine oil pan. * Using the appropriate socket on the ratchet, loosen and remove oil drain plug...

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