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Instructional Design Plan: Introduction to Internet Explorer

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ACME Global Transportation Company

Corporate Training Department

Instructional Design Plan: Introduction to Internet Explorer

Instructional Designer: James Smith


The accounting division of ACME Global Transportation has recently implemented an Intranet that is to be used by the supervisory staff to access the new web based version of the corporate Human Resource Management System (HRMS). The new system is being phased in over a 90-day period. The supervisors are tasked with entering on-line, on a weekly basis, the regular and over-time hours worked by their staff. They are also supposed to print out a report of the hours that they have entered, and submit this to the manager of the department in which they work. They also have the option of sending the report to the manager via e-mail. The HRMS system is accessed via the corporate standard browser, Internet Explorer (IE).

Thirty days into the implementation of the new HRMS package, the payroll manager has complained to the I/T director that the hours worked by staff are not being accurately captured. The department managers have also complained that they are not getting their payroll reports on a timely basis from their supervisors.

A meeting was held to discuss the problems with the new version of the HRMS system. In attendance was the I/T team responsible for the HRMS project as well as the department managers and supervisors. In the course of the meeting it was discovered that the supervisors had received little or no training with Internet Explorer. The supervisors felt that they did not know enough about the functionality of the IE to use it effectively, to access the HRMS system. At the end of the meeting, a consensus was reached, regarding the need to provide the accounting supervisors...

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