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Instuctional Strategies and Learning Materials

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Week 4 Assignment: Instructional Strategies and Learning Materials
Kevin Thistlethwaite
April 15, 2013
Niki Micheau

Week 4 Assignment: Instructional Strategies and Learning Materials
The training program for Dan McGuinness Irish Pub will be carried out by The manager, Brad O’Sullivan, and head server, Tony Ainsley. Both have had many years of experience in the restaurant and bar field, and will bring that experience to the table for the duration of the course. The company believes the best way to handle the training, is to treat everyone who participates as if they are brand new to the business. The company understands this may cause some of the more experienced participants to become frustrated, but the company believes everyone should start at the beginning and learn together.
Instructional Strategies
The management at Dan McGuinness believes it is important for the course to be informative, instructional, and just as important, fun. Much of the groundwork in the classes will be familiar to many of the more experienced personnel, however the company believes any member of staff coming into the business for the first time will benefit from the more experienced personnel. The first strategy to be put in place will be to set up learning teams; each team will include an experienced person as team leader.
During the course of the program, there will be situational roll playing; this will be overseen by the experienced personnel because they will most likely have had experience in dealing with most situations the server, or bartender will have to deal with. The two main instructors, Mr. O’Sullivan, and Mr Ainsley, will teach their respective area of expertise, and will work closely with the experienced personnel and get feedback on progress made.
Because much of the training will be familiar to anyone who has had experience in the restaurant trade,...

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