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Insular Life Assurance Co vs. Nlrc

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[G.R. No. 84484 November 15, 1989]

FACTS: Since 1968, respondent Basiao has been an agent for petitioner company, and is authorized to solicit within the Philippines applications for insurance policies and annuities in accordance with the existing rules and regulations of the company. In return, he would receive compensation, in the form of commissions.

Some four years later, in April 1972, the parties entered into another contract — an Agency Manager's Contract — and to implement his end of it Basiao organized an agency or office to which he gave the name M. Basiao and Associates, while concurrently fulfilling his commitments under the first contract with the Company. In May, 1979, the Company terminated the Agency Manager's Contract. After vainly seeking a reconsideration, Basiao sued the Company in a civil action and this, he was later to claim, prompted the latter to terminate also his engagement under the first contract and to stop payment of his commissions starting April 1, 1980.

Basiao thereafter filed with the then Ministry of Labor a complaint against the Company and its president. The complaint sought to recover commissions allegedly unpaid thereunder, plus attorney's fees. The respondents disputed the Ministry's jurisdiction over Basiao's claim, asserting that he was not the Company's employee, but an independent contractor.

ISSUE: Whether or not there exist an employer-employee relationship between Basiao and Insular Life.

HELD: The SC ruled in favor of Insular Life.

Not every form of control that the hiring party reserves to himself over the conduct of the party hired in relation to the services rendered may be accorded the effect of establishing an employer-employee relationship between them in the legal or...

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