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Insurance Company Report

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Insurance Sector Analysis

Project Details:

Subject: Financial Management
Topic: Insurance Sector analysis
Teacher in charge: KB sir

Made by: 1. Abhinav Aggrawal,
Roll number: 75101

2. Akhil Bedi,
Roll number: 75107

3. Jessica Singh
Roll number: 75124

Teacher Remarks:

Contents Insurance Sector Analysis 1 Project Details: 2 Acknowledgement 4 An Overview of the project: 5 Objective: 5 A Brief History 8 Insurance Sector: Growth 9 Life insurance: 10 General Insurance 11 Ratio Analysis 13 Return on Equity 14 Combined Ratio 15 Debt Equity 17 Loss Ratio 18 Financial Statement Analysis 19 Profit 20 Share Capital 22 Reserves 24 Premium 26 Investments 28 References 30

We would like to express our gratitude towards KB sir, who gave us the golden opportunity to peep into the financial world, and comprehend and adopt the techniques of analysis and interpretation. Alongside, he has also guided and directed the progress of this project as a member itself, assisting us at every dead lock. We are really thankful to him.
Secondly, we would also like to thank the college authority for facilitating such an exposure and providing amenities that made this project possible.
Lastly we would like to express appreciation towards each other for the cooperation and commitment shown by each member of the group, which helped shape this project within the limited time.
Thank you.

An Overview of the project:
The project talks about the trends seen in the Insurance Sector from the past decade.
After studying the outline of the sector, via its history and the growth it has seen ever since, both in Life Insurance and General Insurance area, the project dwells into the in-depth analysis of the sector to bring about the inclinations in the insurance companies through...

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