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Integrated Case Study 1

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Integrated Case Study: Bandon Group Inc.

John Wilson

Dr. Ashley Johnson


The Bandon Group was founded in 1953, and is still a family own company that is a distributor of copiers, electronic printers, faxes and other equipment for mid market companies. The company’s has effectively competed with IBM and Xerox by offering mid tier equipment at competitive prices. Bandon Inc. has four divisions located in the western parts of the United States in states such as Salt Lake City, Arizona, Denver and Portland, where their corporate head quarters is located in Arizona (Sumner, 2005).

Over time the Bandon Company’s sales became successful which allowed growth. Since splitting into four divisions, each division has tried different attempts to determine how a new Information Technology can improve the overall needs of the company. Each division attempted many different ways to implement its own Information Technology systems that the whole company could benefit from. The attempts were unsuccessful and caused errors with duplication, migration, data migration, technical support and training for four sales prospects and CRM solutions. Because of this it put the company at a disadvantage not allowing them to compete with the competition (Sumner, 2005).

Step 1: Purpose and Scope of Study

The purpose and scope of the Bandon Group Inc. case study is to identify a way that Information Technology can overall support the mission, goal, objectives, and opportunities. Improvements and changes need to be made to both the external and internal factors of the company. The company needs to find a ERP system that will be able to improve the lack of integration, duplication of data, data inconsistencies and the life of cross functional integration (Sumner, 2005)....

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