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Integrated Marketing and Customer Satisfaction

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Integrated Marketing Communication and Customer Satisfaction
Rodney M. Edge, Sr.
Dr. Charles Richardson
MKT 500 – Summer 2011

← Question 1: Discuss the company’s advertising strategy and how it aligns with its marketing goals. The majority of our advertising practices will make use of resources on the web. We have done multiple experiments with several events and have had fairly decent success with those events. Facebook and Twitter are excellent for spreading news about concerts, listening parties and other entertainment functions. Combined with news from our own website, this allows us the ability to quickly and effectively spread the word and create a buzz about our products and events.

← Question 2: Discuss how the effectiveness of the advertising will be measured. Effectiveness for our company will be assessed in two ways. First, our marketing initiatives can be measured through a tool called Band Equity, set up through our distribution resources. This tool assesses the effectiveness of our marketing by measuring how our advertising turns our fan base into actual customers. The second measure is attendance to live events. Though attendance measures can vary, generally a venue that is at least 50-75% capacity is considered a really great accomplishment.

← Question 3: Discuss the promotional strategies that may be used in addition to advertising. Selling compact discs generally don’t allow a lot of room for promotions. But there are a few tactics we have considered. One tactic is to produce a music compilation that can be used as giveaways to drum up marketing buzz. Another idea was to push listening parties with ticket prices, and to bundle a cd with every ticket sold redeemable at the entrance of the concert venue where the listening party takes place.

← Question 4: Develop an approach to measuring customer...

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