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Integrated Systems

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BSB5010 – Management Information System
Assessment 2 Part 1
Mohammed sami seyadi
Workshop 003
Mohammed sami seyadi
Workshop 003

Table of Contents Introduction: 2 1st Technology Trend: 2 Benefits to the Marketing Department: 2 Benefits to the Business: 2 Risks & Solutions: 3 Competitors: 3 2nd Technology Trend: 3 Benefits to the Marketing Department: 4 Benefits to the Business: 4 Risks & Solutions: 4 Competitors: 4 Conclusion: 4 References: 5

Most individuals that start a new business aim for one thing and one thing only which is success. In order for a business to progress successfully, individuals involved in the business should understand the market’s wants and needs and the many trends that takes in this world. Nowadays, technology trends are becoming a necessity and are applicable to all business needs whether to collect data and information and to attract customers or cutting costs and increasing revenue. This report will mention two technology trends that can benefit a marketing department and the business as a whole, the risks behind those technologies and the competitors that use those technologies.

1st Technology Trend:
Saleforce1 ExactTarget, The Marketing Cloud, is a very powerful and useful platform and cloud application made to satisfy the needs of a marketing department in different organizations. It allows marketers to generate huge campaigns that are unique and hardly have been done before. The Marketing Cloud helps in turning consumers into loyal customers by combining various traditional digital channels like email, mobile, social and the Web with a range of existing products from toothbrushes to cars.
Benefits to the Marketing Department:
Saleforce1 ExactTarget is highly beneficial for marketers in various…...

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