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Intel Unveils Silverthorne
By Sumner Lemo

Silverthorne is a newer and cheaper power saver processor for mobile phones in the

Upcoming year. Silverthorne was founded on the Pentium Pro. Silverthorne is a great

Value of performance and power efficiency.

Silverthorne struck as one of the best performance and power efficiency chip out on

The market today, Via Technologies is releasing a micro processor called the Isaiah.

The Isaiah a faster front bus and twice the cache space that has an advantage over the

Silverthorne, but the Silverthorne is cheaper which may prove difficult with Intel’s orders.

With Intel making a cheaper and very reliable processor that can match the speed of

The Mobile Core 2 Processor and consumes less power would be a good chip to bring

The market. Silverthorne performing at a high standard and the cost of the chip

Inexpensive would put the Silverthorne chip as one of the next processing chip in the

Mobile industry

Apple to use Intel’s Silverthorne chip in 2008
By Tom Krazit

Apple decides to use Intel’s upcoming low power Silverthorne chip in the upcoming

Year, Apple is using Samsung S3C6400 or just for I phone. The

Samsung S3C6400 is based on the ARM1176 Core that consume just a little over

279 mill watts that are running full out in performance. Silverthorne will consume 500

Million watts of power at a minimum. Apple is planning on using the Silverthorne for

Their new project Moorestown which looks a lot like the phone but slim, or a new line

UMPC or gaming device.

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Integrated Electronic (Intel) Corp was founded by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce in 1965

First Microprocessor the Intel 4004 Intel IPO in 1971

Intel unveils 8008 8bit microprocessor in 1972

Intel shares its design for microprocessor with Advance Micro Devices (AMD) 1976

IBM uses Intel’s 8088 microprocessor in first computer 1981

Intel introduces the Pentium Microprocessor 1993

Intel finds Mathematical problem bug in Pentium Microprocessor 1994

Intel release the Pentium II and MMX technology 1997 APPLE CORP.

High school buddies Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs founded Apple computer 1976

Apple II unveils first personal computer with plastic case and color graphics 1977

Steven Jobs was booted from Lisa project and started working on Macintosh 1983

Jobs unveil new line of Macintosh computer called G3 1997

Apple unveils iMac desk top computer built for the internet 1998

Apple introduce the iPod, palm-size hard disk music player 2001

Apple opens iTunes Store 2003

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