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Intellectual Property Protection

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Intellectual Property Protection
Christian Kamey
BUS/401 - Business Law for Entrepreneurs
May 15, 2012
Denise Brown

Intellectual Property Protection
An artist’s creativity is what sets them apart from everybody else. It is the determining factor in them becoming famous. An artist looks for the help of music labels and music studios to convey their messages and uniqueness into a format that can entertain masses of people. The important thing an artist has to offer is their intellectual property. So a music studios major function is to protect it as much as possible. An artist is purchasing a service that is going to help promote their image. A studio is making a final product for them to show the world. In reality a music studio is in the business to protect the intellectual property of these individuals. This paper will discuss a business opportunity and its obligations to protect itself as well as the people who purchase services from the business. Secondly, discuss the legal procedures to protect the business. Thirdly, depict some examples as to how those measures may not be sufficient enough to protect the intellectual property of individuals.
A group of investors is interested in starting a music recording studio. This particular business will specialize in helping artists who struggle with getting their music recorded. The intellectual property associated with this start up is the works recorded within the studio walls. Every song has three copyrights that protect it from it being the property of another company. The first copyright pertains to the lyrics of the song. All parties that helped in writing the song need acknowledgement. The second copyright goes to the music used for the song. All samples need to be stated and asked for permission to use that sample. The third copyright is the recorded version of the song. This copyright holds the first...

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