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Technology has systematically improved over the years. The advancement in computer systems and the information that’s readily available to all is unlimited. In 1980, computers were foreign to most households. Computer use grew in the 1990’s and in the 2000’s; more homes became equipped with them. There is no argument that technology has increased proficiency and overall productivity both personally and professionally. However, there is some ambiguity as well as concerns about the potential threat on personal privacy and national intelligence. The impact technology have on information collection is a double edge sword. The ethical decisions a collections officer make is mission driven and may often compromise personal morality. It’s a known fact that information sent via Internet access is public information. This very known fact isn’t directly truthful in all aspects. Public information can be retrieved from your computers and in some cases, authorization is required and in others it is not. Handbook of Surveillance Technologies (third edition) definition of a cookie is, a software marker or identifying piece of information that may potentially be accessed by other computer programs. By definition, personal information is already potentially compromised. Cookies can be disabled in order to safeguard private information however, technology has advanced itself pass the disabling control method. There is no law in place that prevents web companies from designing cookies that surpasses the rights of the consumer. A web company can solicit information to you according to what you desire rather expressed or not, by accessing your previous use of their products. There is another process called backdoor which legitimately allows the network manager to quickly assist you should you need help with their product. This is a valuable tool we often overlook that can be the initial breach in intelligence should the right person fall in line for the wrong reasons. Some concerns technology poses to the intelligence community are how much, how soon, and how often? Workplace surveillance has become the norm in not only high profile jobs, but average non-intelligence fostering ones also. In order to improve on job proficiency and integrity to product use; companies are turning to employee surveillance. A full disclosure must be given by the employer in order for this practice to take place. The employee then will have to provide written consent allowing surveillance. Employee tracking is a tool that’s proven to be beneficial in reducing the fraud and abuse of company products. In all fairness, employee surveillance appears to be harmless. However, there are potential threats of ethical hacking and or voyeuristic surveillance. A number of concerned agencies have been studying workplace surveillance and have made some initial recommendations regarding legislation and corporate policies. One topic discussed is balance. Two-way surveillance between workers and management should be instituted. (Peterson J.) This idea forces the employers to do the right thing in regards to their employees. Employers have to uphold the same standard as the employee. This creates a climate that promotes trust and benefits everyone. Ethical Hacking and its reverse affects on personal security are penetrating the lines of illegal information sharing. There are ethical hacking jobs that perform under white hat operations ensuring its main goal is to identify holes in the information lines. This very same process sheds light on the technology discomforts we share. To determine who is watching or collecting information will act morally according to the standards of the company is a risk taken. There are several regulations related to privacy and lawmakers have continued to improve on safeguarding the American people. The challenge is technology is not stagnant. Science and Technology is growing rapidly in controlled environments but is understood to be the same in not so friendly environments. Information gathering can cross into serious threat conditions if accessed through the right network. Policy makers have to not only stay abreast with the developments but also inject defensive lines to reduce the risk on personal and national security.

Citations 1. peterson, J. (2012). Surveillance and technologies.

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