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Intelligence Testing Article Analysis
PSY 450
Instructor: Iman Turner
July 18, 2011
Intelligence Testing Article Analysis
When the word intelligence is used, the idea of IQ testing most likely comes to mind. Intelligence regularly defines the intellectual prospective that an individual is born with, but can be measured and dimensions that is problematic to modification. The meaning of intelligence is unpretentious; it is an individual's ability to learn, reason, and solve problems. What makes intelligence complex is the way an individual ration that ability and the dimension it us used. During the early 1900s intelligence testing of separating or segregating individuals that reflected low intelligence was one the first methods used. Calculating an individual’s intelligence is devised as the ultimate goal for an excessive number of professors and psychologists.
Multi Intelligence
Humans are multi intelligent beings. Consequently, intelligence testing simply cannot deliver a truthful illustration of an individual’s intelligence level, rather the testing only measure two forms intelligence that are linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences according to Howard Gardner (Smith, 2008). Yet, Howard Gardner believes that human being contain other intelligence other than linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences. The human being intelligence is made up of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, musical intelligence, spatial intelligence, social intelligence, and last but the most important everyday life; these are factors that are not analyzed into intelligence tests but assume a person’s personality. Intelligent tests are mainly standardized and according to the psychologists Howard Gardner, linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence tests are so effective is that they attend to predict people’s success…...