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Intellipath Philosophy Unit 1

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A person who pushes subjectivism to its limit, and takes the extreme position by arguing that moral choices, judgments, and resolutions are so subjective that discussions, contemplation, and deliberations on morality are useless is called a _______ subjectist

A______truth is dependent on the subject’s own experience.
A person who believes that whatever an individual says is right for that particular individual is called a _____

Hume believed that the only kind of truth that can be known is a _____ Truth
The notion of ethical _________which is often mistaken and confused with Ethical relativism, doubts that any acts are right or wrong. | |


Moral decisions, determinations, and judgments are acknowledged and established in a cultural context, and these positions are subject to change depending on one’s cultural
______is the notion that there is no concrete certainty the sphere of knowledge and truth.

An objective______ is a truth that is independent of an observer.

_________ is the notion that truth depends on context—the time, place, and the identity of the observer.
The certainty of Descartes’ rationalism leads to the idea of absolute truth In the never-ending debate between relativism and dogmatism, most people agree that the solution for inclusivity is moderation People who argue that ethics and morality are subjective, and moral choices should be made on individual assessment, or societal allowances granted to the individual are called ethical relativists -------------------------------------------------

Approaching morality
_______ ethics stresses importance of being a moral person.
_____ ethics classifies morality in terms of virtue.

______is the ethical theory that is essentially concerned with duties and...

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