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Mandate: o Comprehend, accept and willingness to work towards the set purpose o Increase fund of information by exchanging views and ideas o Create conducive environment for discussing conflicts and reach a fair resolution o To stay committed to tasks and projects to achieve final objective in set time frame o Maximise on opportunities of learning from team members’ knowledge, confidence, skills and abilities o Put in optimum efforts in producing functional and well-performing final product

Team Norms: o Treat each other with dignity and respect practicing and experiencing humility o Listen first to understand without being dismissive of the input received when we listen o Transparency: Avoid hidden agendas, ‘WE’ before ‘I’ o To be prompt, communicative and authentic with each other about ideas, challenges, and feelings o Trust each other and have confidence that issues discussed is for the best of final goal o To make for other members’ weaknesses by being supportive and offering strength o To treat challenges in a way that promotes mutual discussions leading to best solutions

My strengths: o Communication skills o Adaptive o Punctual o Reliable o Social o Researcher

My weaknesses: o Too detailed o Sweat small stuff o Gullible

Process: o Understand the task / project aims and outcomes o Brainstorming and discussions on ideas and suggestions (Behavioural and Normative viewpoints) o Structure a definite work plan with dateline (decision-making) o Utilising individual skills while taking on sub-tasks o Compile to prepare final presentation (could be computational framework)


Reasons: o Uncommon wavelengths of thought processes o Difference of opinions, perspectives and working methodology o Individualism o Diversity of cultures

Resolutions: o Attain common ground of thinking by focussing on team’s objectives and goals o Differences: Positive conflict results in innovative strategies o Negative conflict can be resolved by working on ideas with maximum benefits for all team members o Putting ‘We’ before ‘I’ o Openness to diverse cultures brings on board valuable inputs

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