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Interclean Merger Memo

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To: Management Team

From: Clark Kent

CC: David Spencer

Date: July 6, 2010

Re: InterClean-Enviro Tech Merger

I’m sure by now you are all aware of the upcoming merger with EnviroTech. You all had an opportunity to read the e-mail from Mr Spencer so you know the importance of making this important move forward. I feel it is important for me to emphasize the crucial role that you have in laying the foundation for a very successful merger. Communication is the key to any successful organization. As supervisor you must have open and clear communication to your staff at all times. The goals and visions of our company must be emphasized not once but over and over again so that our employees understand what it is that they are working to achieve. Once they thoroughly understand they have a stake in the outcome, you will see their motivation and loyalty level skyrocket. As a former member of a recruiting organization that did not promote training or employee development, it was very clear to me that management had a huge impact on productivity in a work environment. When I began working for this aforementioned organization, I reported to work on the designated day and time and was rather pumped up to start my new job. Unfortunately I had no one to greet me, introduce me to other members in my section, or even show me the various dos and don’ts of the job. Needless to say it was a very bad first impression. As time went on, it was obvious to me that the only way I was going to find out how to efficiently do the job was by asking many, many questions which was quite exhausting. I asked on several occasions about a formal training program but was told it did not exist. Training is something that is essential to any organization and this one is...

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