Intercultural Communication Paper

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Intercultural Communication
Nefertari Trantham-Wright
University of Phoenix
Don Case - COM/360
December 19, 2011

Intercultural Communication

The distinction of the ideology is one of the main reasons of disagreements and conflicts in the intercultural communications. In one cultures the purpose of interaction is more important than a dialogue in others – the situation is contrary. When we say ideology we mean the concept of reality that is shared by special concerning culture or an ethnic accessory group of people. Even the countries that have the same history or the same roots may have poor intercultural communication because of some stereotypes or bias. The best example is the relations between Russia and Ukraine.
If to consider the last years, a special trim can be observed in the relations of Russia and Ukraine in all of the questions connected with the Russian-Ukrainian relations. Geographically it divides the country into east and western part and with time the situation only gets worse. This is mostly the problem. Not only language and geography split the country but also the world outlook principle as well. The main problem of the Ukrainian authority today is how to connect these differently looking at the world and destiny parts of the country through a prism of the Russian-Ukrainian relations. The actions of the Ukrainian authority at the process of solving this problem are quite contradictory. On the one hand, there is an understanding of necessity to move toward Russia, but on the other hand, the movement seems to be in an opposite direction.
First, it concerns the gas conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The intense relations between these two countries in the sphere of gas relations have already become a bad tradition. The misunderstanding level between them frequently leads to faults with the deliveries of the Russian gas to Ukraine…...