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Final Exam Chapter 5

Questions 1-6

A. 1226

B. 502

C. If Mrs. Stake goes by the first answer, which was 1226, it would be way more costly to the company. If she goes by answer B, she will have more time to go back and look at mistakes and errors and correct them.

D. 708


The only way to explain to Betty the importance of the paper is to explain to her that you are looking reports used for decision-making. Many quantitative documents are available for interpretation for businesses. The reason our company needs these documents is to check for recent cost, current inventory, recent labor, and plant information. These reports will provide our company with background information, exceptions to occurrences, and overview of strategic plans.

While I am here my company would like also to obtain some quantitative documents I am missing which are: Performance records and Data Caption Forms.


Metaphors being used are:
I have been waging ware against requests for computer and printer supplies. Because we are all good soldiers here. Please no midnight requisitioning to make up for shortages.

B. If I found other information in emails pertaining to this situation I would tell them that I have already emailed everyone saying that I negotiated for the current budget. I will be happy to supply you as I have always and meet the shipping needs in a timely matter as always promised.

The people in my analysis group could use this information for future references. They could also take this information for next years budget. If the company’s are willing to order more supplies maybe we need to budget supplying it. There are other companies out there who are looking for business. We would not need to lose our customers business because we cant supply their computer supply orders.

The problems would not come up in...

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