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The year was 1971 late June; the family pet dog Hilda had a litter of puppies about seven weeks earlier. The puppies six in all, where the spitting image of their mother, black and tan long haired Doxies cute as they could be. One of the puppies a female had made an attachment to me and would follow me everywhere I went. I decided to name her Gertrude or Gertie for short. She was my soul mate and I loved her with every fiber of my being. In my spare time, I volunteer at the local pet store, and would go there on weekends and after school to help take care of the animals, and do odd jobs that needed to be done like repairing broken fish tanks and stuff like that . One Saturday. I decided to take Gertie with me, it never accrued to me to put her on a leash because she was never more than two steps away from me at all times, and I carried her most of the time, she only weighed a few pounds. At the time there was no leash law like there is today, so off we went to the pet store. We were at the pet store for hours and it was long past to dinner time and I was getting very hungry the store owner volunteered to pay for dinner, if I ran across the street and picked it up, I said sure. So I ran across the street to grab a couple of hot dogs it was getting late in the day and the traffic was pretty heavy, but I darted across with no problems. In my haste and hunger I had totally forgotten about little Gertie my mind was on my aching stomach. So when I got back, the owner and I sat down and devoured the hot dogs. After that I got back up and went back to work on the broken fish tank that I was working on. When I had finished the work I noticed that it was getting late the sun had gone down, so I started looking around for Gertie, I thought she had wondered off to explore the store, but she was nowhere to be found, I had not seen her since dinner. Then it accrued to me what if she followed me out the store when I went to get the hot dogs. When I looked out the store front which was all glass and there on the side of the road was a small shadow. My heart sank to the floor. I screamed Nooo!!!!. And ran out the door there was little Gertie on the side of the road motionless and lifeless. I reach down and pick her up, she was not breathing and it was quite evident that she must have gotten hit by one of the oncoming cars. A thousand things raced through my mind, what would my parent say, the guilt of how could I have let this happen to this innocent little creature, my friend, and how I would miss her. So I did the only thing that I could do, I carried her home. Though home was only a few blocks away cried all the way, the tears streaming down my face. When I got home I explained what had happen to my parent and they said that we would bury her in the morning. Throughout the night I thought that only moments ago that small bundle of fur was a live puppy and now nothing and it was entirely my fault. I learned that night ,life was short and could be ended at any moment and all actions you take in life have their consequences.

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