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Intergrated Marketing Report

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1.0 Introduction:
1.1 Purpose of the Report:
The report is the first phase of a modified integrated marketing and communication plan for a new treadmill called Digi-Sprint.
1.2 Description of Digi-Sprint:
Digi-Sprint is the only treadmill that has a retractable integrated touch screen computer with Wi-Fi, voice reader and webcam. The screen is retractable to fit the different consumer’s different needs as some would prefer to have the screen at a distance while others prefer it to be at a close range. For consumers who do not like reading while running the voice reader would read out the required areas of the website. Another main feature of Digi-Sprint is that it is silent. It does not emit noise like other treadmills. (Refer to table 1 in the appendix for all the features of Digi-Sprint both tangible and intangible characteristics).
1.3 Brand Image and Brand Identity: “Brand identity is a combination of name, logo, and design.” (Blech, Blech, Kerr & Powell, 2009). Digi is short for digital which implies to the consumers that the treadmill is digitalised and sprint is supposed to represent the athletic factor of the treadmill. The brand image that the company wants consumers to associate with the Digi-Sprint is that it is a sophisticated, intelligent high-end brand treadmill that is revolutionary and entertaining. The sophisticated image is to be achieved through the sleek and complex design. Intelligent is accomplished through the sharp, quick and innovative interface; yet remaining user friendly. The High Definition (HD) touch screen, the modern design combined with the gloss or chrome finish, pricing, advertising and its placement in shops will attain the high-end brand factor in the consumers mind. Since it is a new product in the market Digi-Sprint needs time to accomplish the high-end factor. The features help the brand to gain the entertaining...

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