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Intergrating Instructional Technology


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Integrating Instructional Technology Technology integration is the combination of all technology parts, such as hardware and software, together with each subject related area of curriculum to enhance learning. ( Shelly,B.G, Gunter,A.G, Gunter, E. R., 2012) In the 21st century, technology is making a great impact on our educational system. It challenges our students to think outside the box and at the same time improve on reading, researching, problem solving, communications and critical thinking skills which are imperative to the success of the student’s future. That is why in my opinion, it is imperative that we integrate technology in the classrooms successfully. There are so many different technologies that can be used for many different things in the classroom to help enhance the learning experience such as smart boards, digital media, computers, dvd’s , tutorials, apps, and the web just to name a few. However, to integrate these tools into the curriculum successfully, so that the students can get the best experience possible, I need to be properly trained. “There is growing interest in the integration of technology into the classroom. A range of initiatives have been launched to develop in service teacher training process that will strengthen this integration.” (Guzman,A.; Nussbaum, M. 2009) “Billions of dollars have been spent to bring computer technology into k-16 classrooms, since 1999, congress has devoted over $275 million to the Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to use Technology program. States and local districts have spent tax dollars to wire schools for internet access and to conduct summer computer technology academies for teachers.” (Royer, R, 2002) I must learn how to “align lessons with content standards, familiarize myself with the technology before using it in the classroom, prepare

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