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Intergrative Approaches to Psychology and Theology by Entwistle

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Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity



This entire book explains how the two books of God can be consolidated to provide the needs of the whole man. The author stated that all truth is God’s and everything that he made was good. Psychology is the study of human behavior and theology is the study of religion; both perspectives are disciplines that are learned. Integration will allow a better understanding of human behavior which neither perspective can do along. Since the Christian faith could not support man along, the mentally challenged suffered. Critics stated that the Christian faith did not keep Bible law concerning love and acceptance of homosexuality; the faith didn’t have the science or intellect to cure sickness, distorted perceptions and mental defects. Sin brought the fall of man and brokenness; yet, science through testings, assumptions, methods, experiments and discoveries were needed to fully care for humans; a holistic approach was needed to cure man. The Church was challenged to provide supreme knowledge to care for souls which lead to many new worldviews which were made up of disciplines that governed people’s lives. These worldviews have Enemies and Allies which were obstacles to integration. The Church accepted psychological perspectives to help the mentally ill; they vacillated in their belief and had attitudes towards the scriptures; this is why the work to restore man could not be done alone through the Church.
Moreover, in order for psychology and theology to be combined, there must be experts to form combined disciplines. The question is, where do we find such capable and...

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