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Tropical lagoon is a new exclusive construction in the thane district of Maharashtra. The project undertaken is a 2bhk residence of 1250 sq.ft with an attached terrace/garden of 350sq.ft.The designer was contracted to carry out interior decoration work for a family of 3(A couple and their son).The theme chosen was a mixture of traditional African decor and contemporary decor.

I /We ___________________________________ (please print name) wish to appoint
___________________________________ (designers name) as the
___________________________________ (professional title) on the
__________________________________________________________ (project description) at
__________________________________________________________ (project address)
I/We agree to the terms set out in this agreement which comprises of Schedule of Services,
Schedule of Fees and Terms & Conditions.
This appointment was made on
___________ Day of___________ (month) ___________ (Year)
Signed _________________________________________________ (client)
Signed __________________________________________________ (designer)

Strategy is very transparent and simple.
It is as follows:
Upon acceptance of our client’s proposal to work with us, we get to know them through extensive research and one on one meetings.
After gathering sufficient information from our clients, we are in a better position to determine exactly what they expect from us,
We prepare a proposal detailing the work that we will do.
We present the proposal to our clients
During the presentation our clients can add suggestions and then approve the proposal.
After approval the interior design work will commence systematically as will be stated in the clauses.
After the work is done, we present it to the clients.
We follow up on work done 90 days later to gauge customer satisfaction.

I. The Job
Interior design consulting, conceptualization for your home as outlined in the scope of work would include all of the following (Phase 1-4)

1. Scope of services

Phase 1: Feasibility
The idea of this phase is to evaluate the conceptual design requirements, prepare and present design concepts for preliminary review and approval
i. Site measurement ii. Establish scope of the project iii. Establish functional and design criteria iv. Produce a rough schematic space through 3Ds/presentations/sketches
v. Determine a tentative timeframe and period schedule for the entire project
Phase 2: Schematic design
The design concept is developed and drawn from the approved preliminary concepts presented in phase 1.Documents are prepared which include initial space and furniture plans , lighting concepts, concepts for colours, materials and finishes and selection of certain furnishings.
i. Define interior concept design ii. Refine and develop furniture plans iii. Identify colours , materials and finishes for each area

Phase 3: Design development and documentation
This phase is an extension where all design documents and preliminary furniture specifications are prepared for approval and implementation. The plans submitted are not intended to be permit plans which would be submitted to the building department. They are used by the client, contractors for design intent, non structural layout and fixture locations only.
i. Fixture and furniture plans ii. Finish plans and elevations

Phase 4: Specifications and Purchasing
i. Furniture & finish Specification Documents
The package shall describe in detail the following information to properly establish a budget for areas within the scope of work.
• Detailed Specifications
• Dimensioned drawings(Construction documentation for design intent)
• Vendor Cut sheets
Upon completion and approval of construction documentation any additional changed will be performed on a time and expenses basis in accordance with our standard hourly rate schedule listed below. ii. Furniture, Fixture, Equipment and Materials Purchasing
• Issue purchase order
• Quality control

iii. Exclusions to Scope of Services
Design firm services specifically exclude any fees necessary to retain certain professionals or services for the project
• Architect(Registered to file documents)
• Electrical consultant
• General Contractor or sub contractors
Design Firm will not be held responsible or liable in any way for the quality and/or timelines of professional work/services as may be needed to complete the project. iii. Compensation:
Project Design Fee
Fee is charged on a percentage basis where the interior design fee will amount to 12% of the total budget. The following interior design fee structure is for residential clients and is subject to detailed quotation.
Design stage:
The designer’s fee is paid in two levels.
60% of the designer’s fee is to be paid before the work commences i.e. on submission of all the layouts and specifications.
40% is to be paid for supervision and implementation on site.
60% is bifurcated further as:
a. Initial meeting/site measurement: 10% of the approximate total budget.
b. On submission of layouts / plans : 25% of the total budget (15% over the initial 10% paid)
c. *This is applicable to 3 variable plans. An additional fee per plan will be charged over that limit.
d. Flooring layout, false ceiling layout, electrical layout : 40% of the total budget (less 25% already paid)
e. Sections and elevations : 60% of the total budget(less 40% already paid)
f. Technical drawings, working drawings, construction drawings, detailed drawings : 85% of total budget (less 60% already paid)
g. On appointment of contractor, Bill of quantities , specifications and quotations, articles of agreement, signing of the contract documents : 100% of total budget (less 85% already paid)
Supply stage:
Supply of materials – Fabrics, wallpapers; furniture, accessories, floor coverings etc. are supplied at competitive prices. A detailed quotation is supplied for the client’s approval prior to the placement of any purchase orders. Delivery charges incurred are charged on to client at cost.
Personal Shopping: The designer will accompany the clients on visit to showrooms, art galleries, antiques dealers etc for purchasing the same as per design requirements. The charges for the same are included in the designer’s fee schedule. iv. Invoicing and payments
Invoices will be submitted periodically rather than a super-bill at the conclusion of the project.
Please make checks payable to __________________________________________.
Payments are due within ten (10) days of being submitted.

Which Contract is hereinafter referred to as the Prime Contract and which provides for the furnishing of labour, materials, equipment and services in connection with the implementation of the Project.
A copy of the Prime Contract, consisting of the Agreement Between designer and Contractor (from which compensation amounts may be deleted) and the other Contract Documents enumerated therein has been made available to the Subcontractor.

1. P e r I o d
This Agreement will commence on signing by both parties and conclude for revisitation at the end of ‘stage one’ with the provision of all deliverables as set out in the Schedule of this Agreement.

2 S e r v i c e s
The Contractor will provide to the Principal Services as set out in the Schedule of this Agreement (‘the Services’), subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

3 P a y m e n t
In consideration for the Contractor providing the Services to the Principal, the Principal will make the payment to the Contractor in accordance with the provisions of this clause.
Payments will be paid to the Contractor within 30 days of the receipt ofinvoices.
4 T e r m i n a t i o n
This Agreement may be terminated by either party, if the Contract shall expire or be terminated for any reason, by the giving of 21 days written notice.
This Agreement may be terminated immediately on the occurrence of any one of the following events:
(a) Upon the cessation of business of either party to this Agreement;
(b) The Contractor commits any material breach of this Agreement;
(c) The Contractor fails to comply with any relevant statutory or regulatory requirement;
(d) The Contractor fails to deliver the Services in a quality and timely manner as per the Schedule
5 C o n f i d e n t i a l i t y
The Intellectual Property of each party prior to entering into this agreement shall remain the property of that party including any improvements thereto and that property will be kept confidential by the other party from any disclosure by the recipient to any other person or corporation in any form whatsoever during the currency of this agreement and for 12 months after the expiry or termination of this agreement unless with the prior written consent of the disclosing party. Neither party may provide to a third party any data belonging to the other party without permission in writing from the other party. The data of each party shall remain in the possession of that party unless required for the undertaking of the business of the Principal during the event and in that case with the consent of the Principal.
Unless the one party otherwise agrees, all information about, or in any way relating to, that party, its business, transactions, affairs, techniques or processes, or its clients, which the other party obtains or learns during the currency of this agreement is confidential.
The Contractor acknowledges that confidential information is solely and exclusively the property of the Principal and vice versa.

6 F r e e d o m t o C o n t r a c t
The Contractor will be free to enter into contracts with third parties for the provision of services by the Contractor to the third party while this Agreement is in force, subject to the Contractors not being placed in a conflict of interest, or in a possible conflict of interest, as between the Contractor’s obligations to the Principal under this Agreement.
7 Na t u r e o f t h e R e la t i o n s h i p
The Contractor and the Principal agree that the Contractor will provide the Services to the Principal as a Contractor and will not be in the partnership with the Principal or an employee, servant or agent of the Principal for any purposes whatsoever.
8 I n d e m n i t y
The Contractor hereby indemnifies, and agrees to keep indemnified the Principal and its respective officers, servants, employees and agents, against all losses, liabilities, claims and expenses which arise from:
(a) Any act or omission of the Contractor in connection with the Services whether at common law, or for breach of statutory duty, or under any other statute or law;
(b) Any injury or damage suffered by the Contractor;
(c) Without limiting the above, any act or omission of the Contractor that causes or contributes to any loss, liability, claim or expense being incurred by the Principal under or in connection with the Contract. The Contractor shall take out and maintain adequate insurance to cover its obligations under this Agreement.
9 A s s i g n m e n t
The Contractor may not assign its rights and obligations under this Agreement to any other party, without the consent of the Principal.
10 V a r i a t i o n
The terms of the Agreement may not be varied otherwise than in writing signed by the Contractor and the Principal.
11 C o m p li a n c e
The Contractor shall observe all applicable industrial laws and awards in each sphere of its activities in connection with the Services and carry out the Services under this Agreement in accordance with the highest professional standards.

Schedule of services
a. Set up and manage the site
b. Manage the implementation of the design and construction
c. Be the operational contact point between the subcontractors, suppliers and the designer

Specific duties
a. Maintain the documents of agreement and comply by the clauses
b. Day to day budget and total estimation of the project
c. Communications development and design
d. Supervise the work in progress on a regular basis

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