Internal and External Environmental Analysis Apple Inc

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3.1.6 Technology
Apple has a big technology strength, it emphasizes research & development and have a
powerful innovation capacity. It has outstanding R&D design teams.
Apple owns self-developing operation system that no other company can exceed Apple in
product performance. It has automatic, digital and intelligent organization.
It cooperates with a lot of foreign electronic companies. Like Foxconn in China.
Apple is good at designing the best products in beauty aspect.
3.1.7 Organization structure :
Figure 4 Organization structure
Data sources:
As apple is a very big company, for management, it was divided into two main parts. One is the
corporate part and the other is the retailer part. The corporate part refers to work behind the scene,
design, engineer and launch every type of Apple products. It is core of Apple Company. Whether
Apple could be strong or not depends on the performance of corporate part. Apple uses the way of
bringing to bear on the staff who are in corporate part, and enhance their awareness of that they
are doing the most glorious job, so that they can donate themselves into hardworking. Retailer part
is also very important. The staff of this part should be passionable, optimistic, and good at
communicating with others., for this part, apple uses the way of giving sales goal to the staff, if
they can reach the goal, they will be rewarded, if can’t, may be they will be fired. This way can
stimulate its staff to work hard to reach the goal.
3.1.8 Stuff review
There is about 49400 staff in Apple Company. There are more than 1000 engineers in the research
of chip. The retail business staff is about 20000. The engineers in Apple are all graduated from
famous university in the world. “Quality is even more important than quantity” Apple's CEO Jobs
said. He spent a lot time…...