Internal and External Forces

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Internal and External Forces

Internal and External Forces
I have always wanted to own a bridal shop. A strong strategic plan and attainable goals can make my business a strong decision. Jennifer’s One Stop Bridal Shop is a business that will help bride’s and groom’s dreams come true. Jennifer’s One Stop Bridal Shop would work hard to provide any requests that may come up to create the perfect wedding experience. Jennifer’s One Stop Bridal Shop will be the leader in wedding dream making.
Jennifer’s One Stop Bridal Shop is no ordinary bridal shop. The shop can do anything from the invitations to the cake to the dress and anything in between. It is my hope to make every wedding that comes through the door a unique and memorable experience. Jennifer’s One Stop Bridal Shop would offer to plan and create the wedding or can be separated into what the customer needs. If the customer is only looking for a cake, the shop will make sure it is the best cake they have ever seen. Jennifer’s One Stop Bridal Shop will be in many different markets with many different customers.
Different markets mean different economic factors that need to be considered. Each market has different competitors and the economy will have different effects on the markets. The economy trend could have a great effect on one market and a negative effect on another; it just depends on what part is affected. My shop will also have to watch legal and regulatory trend and forces. Legal and regulatory forces change constantly, so staying on top of everything will make sure the shop changes appropriately. The economy and legal and regulations help with the outcome of the business.
A strong strategic plan will also help determine the outcome of the business. The strategic plan is the layout for managerial decisions and competition decision. According to Armstrong and Kotler…...

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