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Google currently controls over 80% of the internet search engine business for both computers and cell phones. It would only make sense that they would attempt to dive into a new market with the world’s largest internet market, China. Even with a substantial market share in the industry, obstacles occurred almost immediately with their endeavor. Google’s fight to conduct business in China provides excellent examples of the planning processes that should take place for a business to grow and thrive.
Google executives realized that they would encounter an up-hill battle with the communist country and the challenges that would face them. They sought to retain the most qualified people to make this entrance into this foreign market successful. They undoubtedly had very little experience in this part of the world and would need the personnel resources that would afford them the knowledge that they would require to be successful in achieving globalization for their search engine business. They exercised their might and aggressively hired a young Kai-Fu Lee, celebrated computer scientist. He would assist in the responsibilities of a smooth transition into the search engine business in China. His experience while working at Microsoft would almost certainly prove invaluable.
Google has branched out to the four corners of the world with offices in the United Kingdom, India, Canada, Ireland, Egypt and Brazil. This many locations requires the company to be diverse. Google has created programs like The 6th Sense –to increase employee sensitivity and awareness of differences across genders, cultures, and sexual orientation. They even have a program for women called “Yes, We Can” workshop for a select group of women who had been nominated by their managers to participate. These participants brainstormed and shared ideas on…...