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Internal Versus External Agent

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Every major or minor organizational change or crisis requires change agents or change leaders. A change agent is an individual who has the expertise and influence to stimulate, facilitate, and coordinate the change effort. It takes courage to become a change agent and need a new mindset towards organizational members and performance and a readiness to take risks, dilemma to deal with uncertainty and conflicts, and so on. A change agent is required to develop expertise such as problem solving skills, ability to foresee long-term perspective and to tolerate rejection, including failure. Therefore, to achieve any change effort depends on the quality and workability of the relationship between the change agent and the members of the organization. In the light of the many problems related with organizational change, the change agent has a very important role. The change agent’s competencies have a major impact on success or failure of the change, and to the extent of potential undesirable side effects. This report will discuss the types of change agents, their roles, and comparison of the various change agents.


Before a change agent or leader can anticipate to work effectively within an organization, they need to understand its exclusive qualities and specific needs. This will need reviewing policies, measures and any related present data. Such as connecting with people in the organization who has clear vision of where the organization needs to go and also be creative about how that can happen. Generally speaking one of the most significant contributions of a change agent is to produce positive change to continue the organization’s current performance and guarantee its future performance. Example is allowing people to work effectively as they plan, implement and experience change and rising people’s capability to cope future change....

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