Internal/External Factors

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External/Internal Factors Paper
A company’s management team is impacted by the different internal and external factors that are presented. Depending on how strong the management is determines how a company pulls through with the ever-changing industry they are part of. Intel Corporation is one of these companies. Intel was “founded in 1968 to build semiconductor memory, while in 1971 produced the first microprocessor” (Intel Corporation, 2005). Being that Intel needs to keep up with the constant change of microprocessors, motherboards, and other computer and communication products, they need to have a management team that adapts to this fast-paced environment. For Intel Corporation, the three factors that influence management most in the company is the rapid change of the industry Intel is part of, the technology that is always being updated, as well as the innovation that needs imagined.
Rapid Change
In 1965, Gordon Moore, cofounder of Intel Corp. made the observation that processing power would double every 18 months. This is now called Moore’s law, and the implications of it are that Intel has to plan, organize, lead, and control rapid change at least every 18 months, or otherwise they will be left in the dust of their competitors. A look on Intel’s web page will show that Intel is not sitting idle. Intel has several plans for the future that not only includes new processors, but chips for wireless technology, higher security technology, and several others. A check of Intel’s on line job search indicated that there are no less than 20 openings in the Untied States for research and development engineering positions. This indicates that Intel is currently in the process organizing the resources required to meet the challenging plans. Intel’s internal philosophies govern the leadership and control for rapid change. According to Intel values, customer…...