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Executive summary This report is mainly to analyze the pampers relationship marketing strategy, pampers is s is a brand of baby product which is introduced and marketed by Procter & Gamble, and also pampers is the largest and fastest growing brands among P&G company. overall, pampers will established their reputation, and also retain the loyalty of its costumers by building communication channel with its costumer through internet, ITV and direct mail.
The structure of this paper will begin with the introduction of P&G organization and costumer’s issue will be defined. Followed by the question about how pampers address their costumers, moreover, I will analyze and evaluate the consumer and the way they act upon it in communication. Followed by the role of direct mail in relation to the other channels in the communicating with mother and how the role of direct mail has changed with the rise of internet and ITV, and there will also be the comparison of the roles of the Internet and iTV in Pamper's communication strategy. Then is the reason Why relationship marketing effective in the market for nappies and other baby products. Lastly, the conclusion and recommendation will also be stated.

Table of content NO | Contain | Page | 1 | 1.0 Background of P&G1.1 Consumers issue | 33 | 2 | 2.0 How they address their costumers | 4 | 3 | 3.0 The role of direct mail communicating with mothers.3.1 The role of direct mail is decreased by the rise of internet and ITV. 3.2Comparison the roles of the Internet and ITV in Pampers communication strategy. | 567 | 4 | 4.0 The efficiency of relationship marketing in the market for nappies and other product. | 7 | 5 | 5.0 Conclusion | 8 | 6 | 6.0 References | 9 |

1.0 background of P&G
P&G is a multinational consumers goods company headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, it has more than 140,000 employees in the world everywhere. Its product is mainly focus on pet’s food, detergents and personal care products. In 2012, P&G reached 83.68billion dollar in sales, it ranked the “world top 10 admired company” among world top 500 (fortune magazine). It was also the sponsor of 2012 London Olympics.
Pampers is a brand of baby product which is introduced and marketed by Procter & Gamble, pampers is the largest and fastest growing brands among P&G company. The simple everyday act of changing a baby nappy was the inspiration for pampers, in the 1950s, P&G researcher Vic Mills was changing his grandson’s cloth diaper, and he thought that there must be a better alternative to cloth diapers that fit poorly, traditional cloth diapers leaked all the time, and required frequent laundering. The process of cleaning a dirty cloth diaper was messy and smelly and he was inspired, and he started working on this project with his college in 1956, at that time, disposable diapers were used in fewer than one-percent of diaper changes. The first pampers nappy was sold in 1961, while there were other disposable diapers on the market, pampers’ superior performance and affordability set a new standard. In 1972, pampers became the first nationally sold brand in the united states, today pampers serves more than 25 million babies in more than 100 countries around the world. (Jorge Strickland 2012)
1.1 Costumer Issues Diaper rash and leak of urine are the main two issues of pampers disposable nappy, most of the top 400 complaint about pampers are these two issues. Some mom complain that pampers nappy will break, releasing all the gel that contain urine, the baby will play with it and eat it, and all the place that baby move are contaminated by urine gel. My recommendation for this issue to P&G company is that they have the improve the quality of their pampers nappy. Before they launch it into market, they test the quality of it in various of kind situation, in case that baby’s nappy will not break. Another issue is that many mothers complain that nappy would cause diaper rash like chemical burn. Something it is even useless to use any kind of medicine to remove the scar, this will be disastrous for pampers to keep their reputation on the market place. In case that this will never happen in the future, my recommendation is that they must do animal text before they use it to human, there must be various kind experiment, since the quality of baby’s skin is different.
2.0 How they address their costumers
Since 2000s the pampers website is launched, pampers wants to share it expertise and establish a close and special relationship with mother, but there will be question automatically in our hand that why they want to build relationship with mom and how did they get that goal, the answer for first question can be simple, because mom is the one who take care of baby and change baby’s nappy. But here we need to focus on second question how did they build the relationship with moms, so the answer is, first of all, pampers address its costumers extensively, this can be seen from their website.
When a mom go to, she will be asked about the age of his baby, this is the strategy that pampers used to make their website personal. What is more, will also be able to give moms advice and free clinic, for example, if your baby’s age is among 0-5 mouths, after you press mouse to Newborn(0-5mouths), and then there will be advice for you that feeding your baby solids. And if you want to read more about this, you clink read feeding your baby solid at the bottom of the pages, and you will know all the process of feeding baby solid, and there is caution like before you introduce solid, make sure your baby has good head and neck control, etc…
The home page of is mainly divided into two category, product and topic, when you go through product page, there is a list of all the pampers product, and there is also some information about what kind of production they are giving promotion, and the list of new product, even there is information about how a particular product will be useful for your baby and what is the product competitive advantages compare with others. When you clink the topic tap, there are various question, what is amazed me is that instead of making advertisement, most of the topic, I can say nearly 90% has nothing to do with their product. This is what I was saying in this paper, pampers address its costumers extensively. What is more, the information on the topic mode is verified and proofed by expert, they ensure the reliability of the information, in this way, parents can become key alley with pampers in term that they can look for information and digital resource to support them in their new lives.
3.0 The role of direct mail communicating with mothers.

(retrieved from
Before I start to state the role of direct mail in relation with other media, let’s look at the research above. It indicate the percentage of efficiency towards top 3 communication channels in the world in term of 13 different perspectives. As it can be seen that direct addressed mail get the dominance percentage in term of targetable and appropriate for my target audience, and it also get the highest percentages on whether it can measure return on investment or not. One of the most important role of direct mail is targetable in communicating with moms, which mean that it can easily persuade and lure our moms. Every moms wants to take good care about their baby, so when they are purchasing a baby product, they want to select the best one, which means that they have to understand the product as a whole, and spending enough time to make a thorough consideration before they make purchasing decision. So as a marketer they must think of something which can be a stimulation in the process of its costumer’s buying process. Pampers have successfully did it, their direct mail is designed to bring a baby’s experiences of life alive for the mother. For example, how to develop babies favorite tastes as early as their three mouth. How baby’s swallow rate increase, and there are also various information about how to develop and take care of baby. What is more, the process of direct mailing of pampers start even before baby was born. Which mean that pampers had established the relationship with moms during their pregnancy. In this way, moms will have lots of time to evaluate the information of product of pampers offered, since there is no any competitor advertisement which is able to distract mom’s attention in surrounding, that is why direct mail is efficient. (Mark Thing2013).
3.1 The role of direct mail is decreased by the rise of internet and ITV. It is undeniable that the role of direct mail has changed followed by the rise of internet and interactive TV, business to community report have revealed that nearly 12% of marketer decided that they are going to decrease their budget on direct mail. (Mark Thing 2013). Yet when cannot neglect the fact that direct mail have its advantages in the area like higher open rate and more efficiency response device. but when you look at its disadvantages, it takes lots of time to send the information to our target, and it also cost lots of money when we send it to a large numbers of customers. (Chris Wolski) But by using e-mail, its takes only a few second to send the information from the company’s headquarter to the world anywhere, and most of the e-mail is free for use. When it comes to interactive TV, it can provide people with visual image which can provide costumer a better understanding about the product or services.
3.2 Comparison the roles of the Internet and ITV in Pampers communication strategy.
The role of internet in communication strategy is that it gives an unique and interactive elements so that parents is able to see the whole world through their baby’s eyes, in another word is personalization. gives a better understanding for mothers about their baby in three area, learning, playing, and sharing. in the learning areas there will be some tips for parents, for example, how to learn counting, how to learn crawling, etc… in playing area, there is the option about where the game is going to take place, if you select outdoor family activity, there will be a list of activity recommended. In the sharing area there are tips about how to solve with various problems, and all the information will proved by baby expert. The role of interactive TV is that it is the combination of the emotive strength and visual quality of traditional TV advertising with the personalization in the internet. Emotive strength refer to emotional communication between pampers and its customers, visual quality refer to visual image, all of which gives is beneficial to pampers relationship marketing strategy.
4.0 The efficiency of relationship marketing in the market for nappies and other product. Relationship marketing tend to build long term relationship with its costumers, which mean that it is able to establish a company’s a particular brand with its target costumer. it focus more on its costumer than its retailer. The reason why we say relationship marketing is efficient in the market for nappies and other product as follow: firstly, it will enable a particular firm to communicate with its costumer, it can provide the fatal information about the product to its customers, which mean that they are using a pull strategy that let moms aware of their product. what I mean by saying this is that pampers would send the sample of their product in the process of mom’s pregnancy for free, the product may included breast pads, nappies, bum creams and other products that are entirely unfamiliar to the unsuspecting new parent, but in fact these are all the marketing tools, another example of relation marketing is that pampers is using to address its customers is that they will send some free gift and email when baby birthday. pampers reaches a potential customer at exactly the moment when she needs to make purchasing decisions about a whole range of products that she has never encountered. But in order to do relationship marketing you have to get the fatal information about mom, like when the baby is going to be born, when is the baby first year birthday etc… and these information can be provided by management software. Secondly it enable the firm on creating costumer value. It tend to identify the more valuable customer than those who are not valuable, this enable firm to save time and money. Customer relationship marketing enable the firm in order to pinpoint customers who are too costly to maintain relationships with, as well as opportunities for growing underdeveloped potential. For instance, a customer who is unprofitable for the company will probably become a long-term account once he is encouraged to buy more of the same product(Helen Akers).
5.0 Conclusion Pampers has successfully established its market leadership by using relationship marketing to, it ranked at 14th compared with its competitor Huggies at 34th in AC Nielsen’s Top 100 Grocery Brands survey. Now it serve more than 25 million babies in the world, and high quality product made by G&P is also acknowledged by its customers. Moreover, their message is consistent and they have coordinated their promotions to ensure that the consumers are well informed about their products. By educating parents about the developmental stages from newborn to toddler, Pampers has been able to successfully promote it products at the same time. (Sherri Bridgeman 2006). In order to keep their leadership position in the market,. Pampers must use more efficiency channel to improve their relationship marketing strategy. And in order to keep their reputation as well as to retain its costumer’s loyalty on its product in the market place, they have to ensure the quality of their product, they need to continuously improve they technology, also keep in their mind that the heart of their business is innovation.
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