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International Accreditation Organization

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IAO - International Accreditation Organization
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IAO - International Accreditation Organization The International Accreditation Organization (IAO) is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world. With its global network of experts, IAO grants accreditation to educational institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals. IAO's International Accreditation represents an education provider's commitment to delivering quality which is on a par with the global standards. It assures the stakeholders that their degrees& credits will have increased acceptability around the world, should they decide to study or work abroad. The score that an education provider gets under the Points Profile System of IAO gives a competitive edge over all regional and international educational institutes, universities and schools. IAO Accreditation is conferred by rigorously evaluating all applicant institutions, their individual schools and programs through the unique patented evaluation process based on the best global practices in working-adult education. The thorough examination of an applicant's management, quality of education, processes and methods ensure all accredited institutions meet IAO's global quality standards. For the benefit of working adults pursuing higher education the IAO further builds relationships with all accredited institutions to disseminate information on the current standards in global working-adult education. In 2010, Bircham International University was granted Accreditation from the IAO.
In 2014, Bircham International University accreditation was reviewed through a site visit and inspection conducted by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Bruque.
Bircham International University is an accredited university from the IAO -...

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