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1. Exective summary
This case study discusses the business strategies used by Apple, Microsoft and Google in internet industry。Everyone know the Internet has developed into an enormous information infrastructure. This new economy is driven by a relentless force of technological and conceptual innovations stemming from an innumerable number of parties scattered around the globe. Its speed of change and innovation make it to a highly competitive arena. Apple, Microsoft and Google have been the most successful companies within this arena for a long time. Throughout the previous decades, they have internalized the economic laws and technological characteristics of the Internet in their business thinking. Their strategies and competitive moves did not only form the information economy as we know it today, but do also provide showcase examples of how profitable market positions can be achieved in the Internet.
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My report answers some questions: How did Apple, Microsoft and Google successfully navigate and define the competitive arena of the Internet? Which roles did their unique strengths play for their business strategies? Which specifics of the Internet did they have to account for? Last, how to used 4Ps sustain their competitive advantages within such a hostile environment?

Development strateies of Apple, Microsoft and Google
Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak; stressing the importance of making computers easy for all customers. The first proof of this was the revolutionary…...